How Did the Eagles Pull It Off in Super Bowl LII?

Super Bowl LII pic
Super Bowl LII

Andrew Muc, the accounting manager of NRG Energy in Princeton, New Jersey, enjoys watching football when he has time. Andrew Muc’s favorite team, the Philadelphia Eagles, earned respect as one of the great sports success stories of recent years.

In 2018, the Eagles brought home Philadelphia’s first championship trophy in nearly six decades, outplaying the Patriots in the Super Bowl at several critical moments. While the Patriots have long had a reputation for almost mechanical precision, the Eagles outdid them in several key areas.

Aggression and consistency on third and fourth down helped the Eagles. While the Patriots were sometimes able to stop them, the Eagles succeeded much more often than the Patriots on third down and were able to convert on two critical fourth-down plays.

Special-teams play also helped Philadelphia win the Super Bowl. The Eagles failed an early conversion, but the Patriots’ field goal and extra-point attempts went poorly as well, including one disastrous late-game gambit. Final score: Eagles 41, Patriots 33.


Phillies Acquire Catcher J.T. Realmuto from Miami Marlins

J.T. Realmuto pic
J.T. Realmuto

The recipient of a bachelor’s degree in commerce and engineering from Drexel University, Andrew Muc draws upon more than two decades of accounting experience in his role as accounting manager with NRG Energy, Inc. A passionate sports fan, Andrew Muc counts the Philadelphia Phillies as his favorite Major League Baseball (MLB) team.

The Phillies upgraded at the catcher position on February 7th, as the team acquired former All-Star J.T. Realmuto from the Miami Marlins in exchange for catcher Jorge Alfaro, pitching prospects Will Stewart and Sixto Sanchez, and $250,000 to be allocated for international signings. The longest-serving player on the Marlins prior to the trade, Realmuto alerted management he would not sign a long-term contract with the Marlins when his current contract expires. He’s in the final year of his contract and will make $5.9 million during the 2019 season.

Originally selected by the Marlins in the third round of the 2010 MLB Amateur Draft, Realmuto made his big league debut in 2014 and has since appeared in 540 games, during which he has managed 59 home runs, 243 runs batted in (RBI), and a .279 batting average. He made his first All-Star appearance in 2018 and registered a career-best 21 home runs and 74 RBI. He also had a career-high .825 on-base plus slugging percentage. He joins Andrew McCutchen and Jean Segura as prominent off-season acquisitions by the Phillies.

Understanding Local Animal Shelters and Rescue Organizations

Andrew Muc
Andrew Muc

Andrew Muc is a respected presence in the accounting sphere who holds leadership responsibilities with NRG Energy, Inc., where he produces consolidated financial results on a monthly basis. An animal lover, Andrew Muc volunteers at animal shelters in his local area and takes part in fundraising activities to support them financially.

As highlighted in a recent Huffington Post article, one aspect of animal shelters many people do not realize is that no unified system yet exists. Rather, there is an array of private not-for-profit rescue organizations, sanctuaries, and county animal control facilities.

Public operations are mandated to accept every animal they receive, yet often face extremely small budgets and limited staffs. Despite their best efforts at pet retention, transfer, adoption, and foster care, they must consider euthanasia as a last resort.

One alternative is limited-admit shelters, which are commonly known as “no-kill.” The latter term does not exactly describe the shelters’ mandate, as they often accept animals on a space available basis. Many such shelters only take in those pets they believe can be placed in a loving home. Intake is closed when there is no longer space, which may lead to unwanted animals being placed with animal control facilities.

In cases where these options are not available, rescue groups may step in and provide critical foster-based solutions to meet the needs of homeless pets. With an estimated 7.6 million cats and dogs lacking homes nationwide, their work is vital, though often even less well-funded than other animal-focused institutions.

What to Consider before Introducing Cats and Dogs


Andrew Muc
Andrew Muc

As the accounting manager at NRG Energy in Princeton, New Jersey, Andrew Muc handles all accounting functions for the company, including producing consolidated monthly financial statements. When he is not working, Andrew Muc volunteers at local animal shelters where he cares for animals such as cats and dogs.

Though folk wisdom says cats and dogs are enemies, the two species can get along with proper supervision. Here are some tips for pet owners to think about before introducing dogs and cats.

First, consider their personalities. A dog who chases small animals and plays rough is probably not a good match for a cat who flees from trouble and is easily frightened. It’s best to try to find a pet that matches the temperament of the existing animal in the home.

Next, age and breed play a role. Dogs who have been exposed to cats and other animals throughout their life are much more likely to get along with new animal companions, and vice versa. Additionally, dog breeds that are not predatory by nature are more likely to get along with cats.

It’s also a good idea to consider cats who are more easygoing, as a more high-strung cat may swipe at a curious dog, which can blind or seriously injure the canine.